Energy Systems Engineering


Schilling, Johannes


Johannes Schilling

Group Leader Energy Systems Engineering


+49 241 80 90489



The efficient use of energy in order to conserve natural resources requires the analysis and optimization of energy conversion processes. It includes energy demand evaluation and reduction as well as the design and optimization of energy strategies for the business, industrial and communal sectors.


The research group Energy Systems Engineering focuses on the development of computer-aided methods for the analysis and optimization of energy systems and on the development of energybased and ecological evaluation techniques for industrial production processes. The aim is to achieve innovative and sustainable energy concepts. Additionally companies are advised during the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures.


Our research bases on the system-wide analysis of energy systems, e.g. the optimal integration of trigeneration (CCHP), and not primarily on considerations concerning specific technical units. In order to assist energy engineers and researchers in these kinds of tasks, the software TOP-Energy has been developed, which allows a universal energy anaylsis and is utilised in current research projects. Besides a user interface that enables graphical synthesizing of energy systems and the easy data acquisition and evaluation from process control systems, its core features are algorithms for numerical simulation and optimization of energy systems.


Current Projects

DREAM Compound Conti – A new high-performance polymer
Energie System 2050
Kopernikus Power-to-X
Methodology for integrated design of fluids and processes using PC-SAFT
ModEst – Model identification based on measured data
Production Dreams
SCI4climate.NRW - scientific competence in industry 4 climate
The Fuel Science Center

Completed Projects

Ag-Recycling from electrolysis electrodes
City OASIS – Optimally Adapted Solutions for Integrated urban energy Systems
Ecology – Life Cycle Assessment
Modular energy construction kit for fabrics: integrated modular PROduction and Energy planning (imPROvE)
sOptimo+: Integrated optimization of energy systems in practice
Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass - Holistic Process Design for Biofuel Separations