Thermodynamics of Mixtures



TdG Team



A chemical Engineer needs a profound knowledge on thermodynamic properties of pure compounds and mixtures to design unit operations, for example distillation and extraction columns. This knowledge will be conveyed in the lecture "Thermodynamics of Mixtures".

Presently, the lecture "Thermodynamics of Mixtures" is offered in German only.


Lecture and Exercise

The lecture and exercise classes will be offered again in the winter semester 2019/2020.

The first lecture will take place Oct. 10th, 10:30 in lecture Hall VT. Place and time of the tutorials will be discussed and announced there and in RWTHmoodle.


Information regarding the exam

The examination in “Thermodynamics of Mixtures" will be a written exam.

Examination Date:
September, 4, 2019, 8.30am-10:30am
Further information (examination venue, auditorium allocation, dates, results) are announced at the bulletin board of LTT and here: L˛P - das Lehr- und Lernportal of the RWTH Aachen.