„Lernen. Forschen. Machen.“


The Show

Bright laser rays Copyright: Andreas Schmitter



Anja Wehrle

Department 3.0 – Press and Communications


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Cancelled: Saturday, October 10, 2020


The first lecture of "Königliche Rheinisch-Westphälische Polytechnische Hochschule" was held in Aachen on October 10, 1870. RWTH will celebrate the official ceremonial act on the occasion of its anniversary exactly 150 years later, on October 10, 2020.

Here, too, the motto of "Lernen. Forschen. Machen" will be depicted in an evening show at C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex. This highpoint of the anniversary is purposefully organized in lecture halls, since they represent a fundamental place of learning. Research – "forschen" – and the idea of creating and implementing – "machen" – are key features of the program and the audience will certainly be in for a few surprises – even after 150 years, RWTH is always ready with yet another surprise up its sleeve.

Surprising, interactive, sometimes very and sometimes not at all celebratory, with loud and also quiet tones… the show is all this and much more. The event is currently being planned by our dedicated RWTH employees. We are already looking forward to a memorable evening and a great party with our guests!