„Lernen. Forschen. Machen.“


The Virtual Show.

Bright laser rays Copyright: Andreas Schmitter



Anja Wehrle

Department 3.0 – Press and Communications


+49 241 80 90416



Saturday, October 10, 2020


Teaching at the "Königliche Rheinisch-Westphälische Polytechnische Schule" in Aachen began on October 10, 1870. Of course we would like to commemorate this historic date with you, so on October 10, 2020 – 150 years to the day – we will celebrate in a very contemporary way by hosting The Virtual Show.

Even though we must assume that we will not yet be able to celebrate together in person in October due to the coronavirus pandemic, we still feel a strong bond with our local, national, and international guests from science and business, politics, and culture.

As an alternative – and by no means less befitting – to the originally planned ceremony in C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex, we would like to celebrate our anniversary with you remotely via our virtual show. From your own living room, you will be able to watch RWTH truly live up to its “Lernen.Forschen.Machen.” motto in the style of a Saturday evening TV show via livestream.