The Initiative


Striving to Build a “Next Generation University” Together

MS Teams group call screenshot © RWTH Aachen

The “Next Generation University” initiative aims to always keep learning as it creates expansive networks. We hope to inspire self-critical discourse, encourage bold action, and serve as a platform for discussing innovative model projects at universities. Using our collective brainpower, we want to rethink the role of European universities and empower them to help guide society into a tomorrow worth living. If not now - when?


With the “Next Generation University” initiative, we want to create an intellectual fabric that measures up to the extent of our global challenges and seizes on the potential of science, business, society, and politics working together.

We want innovations to happen in rapid iterations so our society can advance in the best possible way. We not only want to offer solutions to the major challenges facing society, but we also want to bring these solutions to fruition. Building on Humboldt’s ideals for higher education, we not only want to design a new generation of universities but help make them thriving, lively places.

To this end, we put concrete topics up for debate, bring the necessary institutions and people together in the right forums to discuss them, and then publicize the jointly gained insights to the community. In doing so, we see ourselves as a learning, networking organism, as linking fibers between science and society, research-based industry and startups, politics and NGOs, foundations and institutions - interconnecting all those in a position to shape the world of tomorrow.


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