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The initiative has its origins in the international science evening RWTH hosted in 2021 in Berlin to mark its 150th anniversary.



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Building on the takeaways gathered there, RWTH launched other events, such as panel discussions and digital workshops, to give the community the further opportunities it obviously needed to expand on the topic. In the course of these events, we formed the “Next Generation University” initiative.

Over the last few months, RWTH hosted a series of workshops and events for dialogue and exchange of ideas with individuals from academia, business, politics, and the media.


Upcoming Events

  • November 7, 2023: Next Generation University – Shaping the Future of Universities (Networking and work meeting in Berlin as part of the Berlin Science Week. Detailed information are provided in the yellow box.)
  • May 6/7, 2024: Kick-off event (by invitation only)
  • End of 2025: 1st Next Generation University Summit

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 3pm to 6pm


Next Generation University – Shaping the Future of Universities

We are pleased to invite everyone involved or interested in the “Next Generation University” initiative to the upcoming networking and work meeting on November 7, 2023, in Berlin.

  • A highly (inter)active afternoon to network and jointly create a roadmap for the “Next Generation University.” Part of Berlin Science Week.
  • November 7, 2023, 3 to 6 pm
  • Jazzclub Kunstfabrik Schlot, In den Edison Höfe, Invalidenstraße 117, 10115 Berlin.
  • Registration required. The number of participants is limited.

Read the invitation for detailed information on the meeting.


Past Events

Digital Workshop #4 (May 16, 2023)

Next Generation University – It´s Time to Rethink… The Interplay Between Science, Politics and Media

COVID-19, Climate, China: What does science have to achieve, policymakers to implement, and the media world to disseminate in future? What new structures are needed to enhance science-based policy consulting? And how must the institutions involved change to achieve this task? Some answers and food for thought to these questions can be found in the attached report.

Digital-Workshop #3 (November 23, 2022)

Next Generation University – It’s Time to Rethink… How to Transfer DARPA’s DNA to Europe?

How can we in Europe find an adequate response to the U.S. format “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,” or DARPA for short? Can universities in this country expand their role as innovation drivers to such an extent that they could become a European equivalent of DARPA? Together with nearly 30 academics, innovation enthusiasts and systems experts, we tackled the promising idea of how to transfer the autonomy, positive error culture, and radical innovation capability of the US-American DARPA to Europe.

Digital Workshop #2 (June 3, 2022)

Next Generation University - It’s Time to Rethink... Translation

Focus: Translating Research Into Entrepreneurial Impact, barriers and success factors. We see translation as the opportunity of our time to work across sectors, faster, more naturally, and, above all, disruptively to solve global challenges. Within this broad concept, we paid particular attention to the following factors in this workshop: Inclusion / networking and communication / information-sharing formats between science, business, and society / incentives and concrete forms of collaboration.

Digital Workshop #1 (December 3, 2021)

Brainstorming Event

At this first digital workshop, we were interested in what experts from universities, foundations, science organizations, and the cultural sector see as the biggest challenges for universities. How self-reflective and willing to change are the players in the science system? What drives them? Given the multitude of challenges within the institutions, but also of a global nature, we wanted to hear assessments: In which areas is it worthwhile for universities to test new things because action at this point promises the greatest possible added value? So, where do we start if we want to build the “Next Generation University”? The workshop thus served as a compass for setting the topics for the following workshops.


Panel Discussion: Online-Series “Talking About....”

1. Edition – “Talking About… How Universities Shape Social Change

2. Edition – “Talking About… How Sustainability Is Driving Innovation

3. Edition – “Talking About… How We Envision the Future of University Teaching


International Science Evening

“The New Fiction of Good Science – in Need of a Paradigm Shift?!” (6. Mai 2021)


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