It takes creativity and free thinking to shape a new world of science and a new generation of universities. As such, we are launching a little thought game with people who are working in and for science. Clear the stage for spontaneous ideas!

Nausikaä El-MeckyJulia Malinowska

Nausikaä El-Mecky

Tenure Track Professor, History of Art & Visual Culture, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, SpainNausikaä El-Mecky
Thilo KörkelAlexander Paul Englert

Thilo Körkel

Publisher of New Ground – Journal for Advances in ScienceThilo Körkel
Dr. Anne SchreiterMatthias Piket

Dr. Anne Schreiter

Managing Director, German Scholars OrganizationDr. Anne Schreiter
Prof. Dr. Frank PillerMartin Braun

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller

Professor of Innovation Management, RWTH Aachen UniversityProf. Dr. Frank Piller
Dr. Marcel PawlowskiKosuke Jamie Kanehisa

Dr. Marcel Pawlowski

Junior Research Group Leader at Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)Dr. Marcel Pawlowski
Manfred NettekovenPeter Winandy

Manfred Nettekoven

Chancellor, RWTH Aachen UniversityManfred Nettekoven
Dr. Martin R. LichtenthalerChristoph Bastert

Dr. Martin R. Lichtenthaler

Chemist, Applied Improvisation Consultant and Co-FounderDr. Martin R. Lichtenthaler
Elena LichtenthalerChristoph Bastert

Elena Lichtenthaler

Chinese Studies & Economics, Applied Improvisation Consultant and Co-FounderElena Lichtenthaler
Ulrike Kuchner, Ph.D.Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros

Ulrike Kuchner, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of NotthinghamUlrike Kuchner, Ph.D.


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