EARLI Conference Focuses on the Education of Tomorrow


In these constant changing times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate and prepare for future challenges. Education has to ensure future generations are prepared for the new challenges that keep showing up. But what will the education of tomorrow look like? What can we learn from the past and the present? This is the key focus of the international conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, EARLI for short, which takes place at RWTH from August 12 to 16, 2019. Around 2,300 researchers, political decision-makers, and practitioners from the Learning and Instruction research area will discuss research findings, challenges in schools, universities, and training, as well as the education of tomorrow.

Educational topics continually dominate political discussions. Popular publications also address hot topics such as the quality of schools or the education system as a whole. However, empirical educational research focuses on determining the measures that are actually effective in improving the quality of teaching or motivating learners. “Focusing on the education of tomorrow and the research on this topic, it is crucial to link new research findings with our existing knowledge and to work out how this connection can promote a sustainable learning process and aid in preparing for new challenges," emphasizes Professor Marold Wosnitza, educational scientist and president of the conference. The conference aims to connect the various different research approaches and results, especially those in Europe. The key question is how education can prepare us for the challenges of the future and how education itself can adapt to these challenges.

The five-day conference begins with a discussion on how research findings can be put into practice and how a bridge can be built between educational research and policy-making. Other topics will include the digitalization of teaching, what constitutes good teaching, which job skills are important, and working with multicultural classes. A total of 1,372 contributions in 456 sessions are on the program, with nine keynote speakers providing impetus for discussion.

Being ready for the jobs of tomorrow also depends on training or degrees. Research is being carried out at RWTH to find out how to find the right subject of study, how to support students in looking for alternatives, or how self-management or resilience can help with career planning or on the job. Researchers from Aachen will present their findings on these topics at EARLI in the talk "May I help you? - The project SunStAR: Supporting University Students at Risk of Dropping-Out", on Wednesday, August 14 from 12 noon to 1:30pm in the session "Should I stay or should I go? - Adaption and Drop-out in higher education.” They will also look into these areas in their talk "Career insecurity and self-management during PhD training: A longitudinal study" on Friday, August 16, from 9:30am.

The conference takes place every two years and brings the top European educational researchers together. Following previous locations such as Tampere, Finland, Munich, Germany, Exeter, UK, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the conference is being held in Aachen this year. EARLI is one of the world's most respected and important scientific societies in the field of educational research, with members from over 60 countries.

Media representatives are warmly invited to come to the event. To be accredited please contact:

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