Bomb Defused

Police, fire department, public order officers on site Copyright: © Sebastian Dreher

Multiple RWTH buildings evacuated, Kinderuni cancelled.


An English ten centner bomb from WWII was found during canal construction work at the corner of Intzestraße - Republikplatz - Claßenstraße. The area and a 400 meter perimeter were closed off. Some RWTH institutes and buildings, such as the Foundry Institute and the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy, as well as the Audimax were evacuated by Aachen public order officers, University Security, and the bomb disposal team.

The Kinderuni event "Würfeln, Lotto, Roulette - Wie die Stochastik hilft Glückspiele zu verstehen," which was planned for 5pm in the area, had to be cancelled. The West Train Station was also affected, as well as parts of Königshügel.

Mr. Eisenhuth and members of the RWTH University Security supported the police officers and patroled Central Campus. Defusing of the bomb began around midnight and was successfully completed by 12:40am. All efforts ended by 3am. A total of 12 individuals from University Security were involved. The City of Aachen thanked everyone for the quick response and good collaboration.

Source: Press and Communications