RWTH Graduates in High Demand


The graduates of RWTH Aachen University continue to remain among the most popular applicants for German companies. This was again confirmed by the latest edition of WirtschaftsWoche, dated January 12, 2018, in their ranking, for which 500 human resources executives from small, medium-sized, and large German corporations are interviewed annually.


The ranking intends to show which universities prepare their students best for the rapidly changing job market. For instance, important factors for human resources executives are that applicants are experienced in project work, are dual-language-trained, and are skilled in solution-oriented thinking.

Particularly in the field of engineering, human resources managers agree on the exceptional position of RWTH Aachen. In Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and in Industrial Engineering RWTH tops the list. Very gratifying are also the results regarding the Natural Sciences and Computer Science programs, with RWTH coming in second place here.

RWTH Aachen University's good reputation among Germany's corporations has already been apparent in past surveys conducted by WirtschaftsWoche. In the past several years, RWTH has regularly been ranked in the TOP 3 in Mechancial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and the Natural Sciences.

Source: Press and Communications