The Higgs Particle - "Uni at City Hall" Panel Discussion




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For the first "Uni at City Hall" event in 2013, RWTHextern Citizens' Forum and the City of Aachen are holding a panel discussion on the topic "The Higgs Particle – What Holds the World Together at Its Core." WDR journalist Bettina Staubitz will moderate the discussion. Discussion participants include RWTH Aachen Professors Thomas Hebbeker, Michael Krämer, and Achim Stahl.


"Higgs Particle Discovered!“ It was hard to miss this headline over the summer. But what's behind the Higgs particle or the "Higgs Boson"? What experiments are conducted at CERN in Genf to observe it? And above all, what does RWTH Aachen have to do with it? Multiple instiutes from the RWTH Aachen Department of Physics were leading participants in the search, and RWTH Aachen scientists have a large stake in its discovery. They helped plan the project, developed the technology, and built parts of the high-resolution silicon trace detector and the muon chambers in Aachen.

The event is on Thursday, January 24, 2013, at 7:30pm in the Coronation Hall at Aachen City Hall, Markt. Entry is free of charge. Registration not required.


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