Preparing for Allocation of University Placements with Math Training Online




Sebastian Walcher

Delegate for Teacher Training in Mathematics (S II)


+49 241 80 98132



Starting this coming semester, a “test for basic math skills” – in addition to the average Abitur grade and waiting period – is a selection factor for some of the RWTH Aachen mathematics studies spots. 60 percent of the spots are allocated through a combination of the average Abitur grade and the results of the test – in 70 to 30 percent ration.


Prospective students can improve their chances of receiving a spot if they have good test scores. RWTH Aachen currently offers a training opportunity, where students can prepare for the test through example exercises and a wealth of information online.

With this service, the RWTH Aachen Department of Mathematics aims at providing information about the demands of studies. Furthermore, school students should be addressed who possess good prerequisites for studies in mathematics, but cannot get an idea of what math at a university is like in their school lessons. The training is also a good preparation for students interested in natural sciences and engineering before studies begin.


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