Infections With Coronavirus


Blog zu Corona-News

Please read our blog for all the latest coronavirus news and updates.


The Rectorate of RWTH is at present providing regular updates, adapting possible measures in dealing with this special situation, and asking its staff and students to be considerate towards each other and take a cautious approach to the topic.


The University is asking all university members to pay very close attention to any cold symptoms they might be experiencing.

If you do have cold symptoms, please contact a doctor in order to clarify whether you should come to work on campus, particularly in light of the current outbreak.

You can also contact the University Medical Center for advice via email at . We can include an interpreter, if the need arises. If you need to go to the University Medical Center, please make sure you contact them ahead of your visit.

If you are unable to consult with a healthcare practitioner, we advise you to call in sick instead of going to work or attending lectures. Please heed the regulations concerning self-quarantine and mind our recommendations concerning possible consequences of the outbreak in your environment.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus have been compiled for you on the following FAQ page. For detailed information on regulations and policies in place, please visit our page on Regulations and Effective Dates.

The General Students' Committee AStA answers questions on how the current situation affects your studies at RWTH Aachen University: Coronavirus FAQ