Statement of the RWTH Rectorate on the Expected Closure of the Aachen Bombardier Factory


With great concern, the Rectorate of RWTH Aachen University follows Bombardier’s deliberations to close its Aachen production site. Should the company decide to close down the site, this would be a great loss for the city as a hub of research and business.


The closure of the traditional Aachen facility, which has been a driving force in the development and construction of rail vehicles since its foundation in 1838, would disregard important research interests.

Not only is Mobility & Transport Engineering one of RWTH Aachen’s profile areas, but several of its institutes conduct research in the areas of rail technology and rail vehicles. Furthermore, there is a lively exchange between the University and collaborative partners in business and industry, not only on technological matters, but also pertaining to the education and promotion of young engineers. These synergies of mutual benefit could be exploited to help secure efficient production at the Bombardier facility in Aachen.

Thus, as does the City of Aachen, RWTH appeals to the Bombardier management to keep its Aachen production site in operation, to draw on the proven research expertise available in the region, and to develop innovative transport solutions in collaboration with the University.