UMIC Day 2012


On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, the RWTH Excellence Cluster on ultra high-speed mobile information and communication, UMIC for short, will host the UMIC Day 2012. Between 2 and 4 pm, at the SuperC building,  UMIC researchers will present their research projects. Everyone interested is invited to attend.


Among others, the follwing research projects will be presented:

From the Smartphone to the Large-Scale Display

The cell phone display is too small to use it to look at photographs? It is just not large enough to play computer games with it? A solution could be to use a larger display consisting of several smartphones or tablets. RWTH researchers have created a software solution that uses the devices’ front camera to recognize the way that the smartphones or tablets are arranged on the table.

Controlling Devices via the T-Shirt

The clothing of tomorrow may be used to control mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets: Textile user interfaces, such as “Pinstripe,” make this possible: The user pinches or rolls a piece of fabric in order to control the volume of an MP3 player or regulate the temperature of a heating system, for example.

Illuminated Jacket for Construction Workers

In collaboration with the RWTH Media Computing Group, the RWTH Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) has developed a light-emitting jacket that is visible in the dark: By incorporating special LED technology into the fabric of the jacket, it is possible to display programmable texts or images at the back of the jacket. The patterns are generated by a control chip, electric current and data are transmitted via conductive paths made of high-quality steel threads and silver-coated fabric.

Presenting with "Fly“

A new approach to presenting is offered by the application “Fly”: the information elements are arranged on a sort of map that the presenter can “fly” over and “dive into”. “Fly Mobile” is a version for tablets.

For further information and a colloquium program, please visit the UMIC Day web pages.


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