Archaeology and Computer Science at the RWTH Pupils' Lab


Dice towers were used by the Romans to prevent players from cheating when throwing dice. The pupils realizing the project were supported by the RWTH Pupils' Lab under the supervision of Nadine Bergner. "We were enthusiastic about this idea right away, and then we had the idea to recreate a dice tower using a 3D printer."

With the help of drawings and sketches of a historical relic, the pupils modeled the tower's wall elements, including inscriptions and embellishments. Before starting with their activities, the pupils had received an introduction on how to use the software to create a model that can be successfully realized using a 3D printer.

Nach einigen Fehlversuchen war das Team erfolgreich: Der 3D-Drucker rekonstruierte einen funktionierenden Würfelturm. Den bekam die Schul-AG jetzt überreicht.

After a few trials, the team finally succeeded: The 3D printer delivered a functioning dice tower, which was handed out to the working group.


The heads of the Archaeology working group, Olaf Grodde (second from left) and Timo Ohrndorf (right), InfoSphere head Dr. Nadine Bergner (third form left), and teacher Andrea Klinkenberg present the printed dice tower to the pupils.