Number of Students at RWTH Aachen


First-year students are flocking to RWTH Aachen: 7000 new students have enrolled so far and up to 500 are still expected. The percentage of females is currently 33 percent and the number of international first-year students in 17 percent.


6200 students have enrolled in the first core semester of a Bachelor course of study as of September 30. 350 students are starting teacher training studies and the same number of students have begun studies at the Faculty of Medicine. There are also 600 new students in exchange programs within Europe.

The total number of RWTH students continues to increase. Approximately 40000 students will be enrolled by the end of enrollment for winter semester 2013/14. That is over 2000 students more than last year. The final numbers will be announced on November 5.

RWTH Aachen prepared itself early on for the double class cohort in order to offer students a continued high-quality education. RWTH Aachen looks forward to meeting its new students!