Measures Currently In Effect to Contain the Spread of the Coronavirus


Rate of Infection

Highest rate of infection in the past seven days in the City of Aachen and Städteregion Aachen (as of November 27, 2020): 197


The regulations laid out below come into force depending on the current rate of infection (number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, also known as "7-day incidence") in the City of Aachen and the Städteregion Aachen.

The currently valid regulations will be eased once the infection rate in Aachen and the Städteregion remains below 150 for a one-week period.

The decisions are based on the rate of infection published on aregular basis by the City and the Städteregion.

Measures in Case of Infection Rates (7-Day Incidence) Exceeding 150


In Effect Until

Traveling Abroad

Business trips for employees

RWTH will not approve any business trips to risk areas at present. Risk areas as established and announced by the Robert Koch Institute. These are only areas outside Germany. There are no risk areas in Germany according to the If employees on a business trip return from a country that is classified as a risk area while they are still on their trip, the requirements of the Coronaeinreiseverordnung (Coronavirus Entry Ordinance (CoronaEinreiseVO) apply with regard to the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations. Division 8.3 will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Employees may still go on business trips within Germany. These trips should, however, be kept to an absolute minimum. Instead, virtual formats should be used wherever possible. Public transportation and airplanes should not be used if this can be avoided. RWTH acknowledges that currently employees have good reason to use rental cars or their own vehicle for a business trip. Requirements at the destination, possibly imposed as as consequence of the infection rate at the individual’s place of residence, must be observed.

Private travel by employees

The Crisis Management Team urgently appeals to all employees to refrain from personal travel when it is not absolutely necessary. If, however, employees do go on a trip to a risk area, the respective superiors should be informed in advance so that work arrangements can be planned ahead of time. If travelers return from a risk area, the requirements of the CoronaEinrVO apply with regard to the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations. Please note, in particular, that returning travelers must observe a minimum quarantine period of 5 days after return. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 clearance testing (especially if you have been tested shortly before returning from a risk area), please get in touch with the University Medical Center.

Stays in the Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg-Germany border region

Individuals spending up to 24 hours in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg (BeNeLux) will not be subject to a ban on entering the RWTH for now.

Likewise, individuals who have spent time in the BeNeLux countries and then enter Germany for a maximum of 24 hours will be allowed to enter the RWTH premises.

Rules for commuters, guests, visitors, service providers, contractors from risk areas

Individuals from a risk area who are required to come to the University on a daily basis or for up to five days at a time for activities related to their training or studies that cannot be postponed may enter the RWTH premises. Should a certificate be required in this context, the following departments and divisions will be happy to assist you:

  • For students: Central Examination Office
  • For employees: the respective divisions of the HR Department
  • For guests, visitors, services providers, etc.: Division 2.2

The Crisis Management Team strongly recommends refraining from in-person meetings and switching to video conferencing formats or the like. If guests etc. arrive from risk areas, the host institution must inform them of their obligation to register with the local public health department (“Gesundheitsamt”).

Regulation for students coming from risk areas

Students who only come to Germany for up to 5 days in order to complete or prepare for their exams are not required to quarantine but must report to the local public health department, according to §3 para CoronaEinrVO. Students who come to Germany for a period longer than 5 days are subject to a quarantine period. As soon as the quarantine period is over, students may attend any in-person courses (if any) and take exams at RWTH again. We ask host institutions to inform students about the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations. For some individual students from risk areas, supervision of the written exam can be offered via Zoom. The Examination Boards have already received detailed information regarding this option.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Duty to report infections of University members

Cases of infection of University members are immediately to be reported to the University Medical Center at +49 0241 80 94444 ("Hochschulärztliche Einrichtung")

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Contact Tracing

The immense workload the municipal health departments are dealing with now due to the large number of recent coronavirus infections has resulted, in many cases, in delays in the departments’ contact tracing efforts. For this reason, all RWTH members who have been classified as category 1 contact persons are not permitted to enter the RWTH premises for the duration of the usual quarantine period. All RWTH employees concerned shall work from home during this period. If you are uncertain about whether you may be classified as a category 1 contact person, the University Medical Center will be happy to advise you in this regard. Furthermore, you should also get in touch with the local health department.

Important Note for Employees and Students Living in the District of Heinsberg:
The local health department no longer issues quarantine orders for category 1 contact persons in all cases. If there is reliable information, however, that employees and students are to be classified as category 1 contact persons, they are not permitted to enter the RWTH premises for the usual quarantine period. All employees concerned are asked to work from home office during this period.
If there are any uncertainties regarding the classification as a category 1 contact person, the University Medical Center will be happy to advise you.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Work From Home Arrangements

  • All employees (including student and research assistants) for whom the type of work makes it possible are to be allowed to work remotely from home. If employees request to work from home, this must be approved for work that can be carried out at home.
  • Work on campus is only allowed at workplaces that have been approved and deemed suitable for minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection (risk assessment)!
  • For those employees who do come to work on campus (including student and research assistants), as few of them as possible should be in the buildings/rooms at the same time to avoid any unnecessary face-to-face contact. Employees and their superiors can arrange flexible working hours for any period between 6 am and 8 pm.
  • Combinations of working from home and on campus are possible. For example, work that must be carried out in person on campus could be accomplished in the morning and other tasks could be worked on at home in the afternoon.

For further information, please refer to our blog.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Study and Reading Rooms

All study spaces and reading rooms will be closed from Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

University Library

The University Library and the Medical Library have reopened for the loan and return of books and other items. Access is limited to two individuals at any one time – please note that this may lead to longer waiting times. The libraries are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

RWTH members can again order books and other items from the Central University Library, University Library 2, the Central Textbook Collection, the Center of Patents and Standards PNZ, and the Medical Library using the KatalogPlus online catalogue. The ordered media can then be collected from the checkout desk on the ground floor of the Central Library and from the Medical Library.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Special restrictions on in-person advising services

In principle, in-person advising services can be available again as long as the special hygiene measures are observed. We strongly recommend contacting the respective service point by phone or email beforehand to find out what the measures and conditions are and to then arrange an appointment if possible.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Written exams can be held, strict regulations apply

Until further notice

Work Meetings

Work meetings may now only be held in person if absolutely necessary and only absolutely necessary participants may attend. All attendees must wear their masks and adhere to the known hygiene regulations throughout.

The current applicable minimum distance between individuals must be maintained during all activities. If this is not possible, the activity may only be carried out under application of compensation measures previously agreed with Occupational Safety.

Please also refer to the guidelines on how to conduct job interviews (de).

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Regulations on Events

The Rectorate has decided to put special regulations in place for hosting events, which are in force until the end of the 2020/21 winter semester.

Such events include, in particular:

  • First-semester student events (Bachelor's students)
  • Classes for students in higher semesters (Bachelor) and Master's students
  • Work meetings
  • Conferences, symposia, etc.
  • Cultural events and events not explicitly regulated by the Corona Protection ordinance ("CoronaSchVO")
  • Community events
  • Events hosted by third parties

All rules and regulations are laid out in the Guidelines on Holding In-Person Events.

Special regulations are also in place for internships and lab courses as well as excursions:

Due to the current 7-day incidence (>100), currently the following applies: All teaching activities – with the exception of courses and events that require in-person attendance (lab practicals and excursions) – are to be held remotely until further notice. Courses and events for first-semester Bachelor's students will initially begin virtually. The existing obligation to wear masks during all in-person teaching and exam sessions – with the exception of written exams – continues to apply.

If is absolutely necessary to hold an in-person event, rooms must be requested via the central room booking service. If the organizers want to use their own rooms, a protection concept must be developed and agreed with the Occupational Safety and Radiation Protection staff unit. The organizer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the protection concepts.

Public events (congresses/conferences, cultural offers as well as third party events) may no longer be held on RWTH premises as of Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

University Sports

All sports operations have been suspended. This applies to all offerings of the University Sports Center (HSZ) without exception. This means all sports halls, the cage soccer facilities, the all-weather pitch, the natural grass pitch, the outdoor fitness facilities, the RWTH Gym, the sauna, as well as the changing rooms and sanitary facilities will be closed.

The running tracks at Königshügel, including the wood chip track, will remain open for the time being. Please note that according to the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance, only a maximum of two people may train together.

The date for resuming operations and opening registration for the 2020/21 Winter Semester will depend on future developments and will be announced on the HSZ Website at short notice.

Until further notice – depending on the rate of infection

Deadline for the submission of final theses and term papers Please get in touch with the Central Examination Office ZPA for further information