Specialist for Waste Water Technology


Brief Info

  1. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate: Fachoberschulreife
  2. Selection Process: Application and interviews
  3. Personal Requirements: Team work, resilience, good physical shape, understanding of science, environmental awareness
  4. Aptitude Test: No
  5. Length of Training: 3 years
  6. Professional Association: Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf
  7. Exam: Mid exam and final exam
  8. Continued Training: staatlich geprüfte Abwassermeisterin and geprüfter Abwassermeister

Vocation Description

Vocational training to be a specialist for waster water technology is diverse. As a specialist for water water technology, you head and supervise process operations in waste water treatment plants and drainage systems, and analyze waster water samples in the lab. You document your results and analses on the computer. You conduct many of your tasks at control stations, where you can take readings of meters and a multitude of measurement data and interpret them. If there are deviations from the legally set standard, specialists for waste water technology implement the necessary corrective measures. You regularly inspect and service the pumps, basins, pipes, and supply and drainage pipes, and make the necessary repairs. During your training, you will also learn the necessary electrotechnical skills to carry out installation and repair work on the electric equipment of the facilities and machines within your area of responsibility. Managing facilities for energy production from digested gas may also be included in your responsibilities. You supervise the process for treating waste water as well as the drying and pressing/squeezing of digested (beim Trocknen und Pressen des ausgefaulten Klärschwammes) by visual inspection, for example by checking the color or cloudiness of the waste water. Your trained eye will immediately notice any deviations/abnormalities. Darüber hinaus wirken Sie bei der fachgerechten Entsorgung von Klärschlamm mit. You typically work in communal or industrial facilities or in the management and maintenance of waste water systems. You will be active in the test and control stations in management facilities, as well as at open-air sites, clarifying basins, and in the lab.


Practical Training

Practical training takes place at the Institute of Environmental Engineering in close collaboration with the Research Institute for Water and Waste Management and the Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology at RWTH Aachen.

School Training

Courses take place in block segments (4 blocks three times, 3 weeks each and once 4 weeks) at the Hans-Schwier-Berufskolleg, Heegestraße 14, 54897 Gelsenkirchen. Students have the option of spending the night at the guest house.


Salary, Job Ticket, and Vacation during Training

Training Salary:

1st Training Year: 936.82 euros

2nd Training Year: 990.96 euros

3rd Training Year: 1,040. 61 euros

Contributions to capital formation: 13.29 euros

Job Ticket: starting January 1, 2018, 21 euros a month

Christmas Bonus: 95 percent of November salary

Vacation Days: 29 days a year




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