Application and Selection Process FAQs

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Individuals interested in a vocation often have similar questions about the application process and selection process.  Here you can find the answer to questions, that you probably also have, if you are interested in a vocation spot at RWTH Aachen.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.  You can reach us Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm.


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Selection Process and Interview

How does RWTH Aachen select its apprentices?

RWTH Aachen selects its apprentices using certain criteria. The following are important above all:

  • Quality of your application materials
  • Your grades
  • Other skills or knowledge you may have acquired through personal activities, courses, or a practical experience during school
  • Result of your aptitude or placement test, if applicable
  • Result of your interview

Who extends the interview offer?

The training centers invite qualified applicants to come to an interview. The respective trainers will inform you of the result of the interview. If there are multiple university institutions, in which you could complete your vocational training, it is possible that you will be invited to interviews in various institutions.

You can look at all the application steps up to possibly signing a training contract in this process plan.


Travel Costs

Does RWTH Aachen reimburse travel costs that result from the selection process?

No. Unfortunately, RWTH Aachen cannot reimburse any costs that arise from travelling to interviews or tests.


Acceptance and Hiring

From whom and when do I find out whether I received a vocation placement at RWTH Aachen?

Your future traininer will inform you as soon as a decision has been made after your interview and we have submitted an application for your employment to the Department of Human Resources.

Is that the final offer?

No, further steps are necessary for a final offer. We will automatically take these steps. They are:

  • Agreement from the Personrat
  • Result of the Einstellungs- und Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz investigation
  • Submision of your work permit, if necessary

Finally, the Department of Human Resources will contact you and provide you will the document necessary to hire you. Once you submit all the necessary documents, you will receive a training contract.


No longer interested?

Please let us know if you have already found another position or are no longer interested in a vocation spot at RWTH Aachen!



I receive a rejection letter after my interview. Do I still have a chance at getting a training position at RWTH Aachen?

Yes, as long as there are still open positions in your desired vocation. If you receive a rejection letter after your interview with a university institution, the selection process continues within RWTH Aachen for the remaining open positions in that vocation. Thus, you may receive interview offers from other RWTH Aachen institutions.

When will I know that all training placements in my desired vocation have been filled?

Once all training spots have been filled in your desired vocation at RWTH Aachen, you will receive a rejection letter from the Division of Vocational Training.


Whereabouts of Application Materials

What happens to my application materials?

If you do not receive a training position at RWTH Aachen, your application materials will be disposed of in December of the placement year. RWTH Aachen adheres to data protection regulations in the process. If you are hired, a personnel folder will be created for you, in which your application materials will be kept.

If you provide a self-address envelope with sufficient postage, the Division of Vocation Training will return your application materials to you. After arrangement by phone, you can also pick up your materials in person. You can reach us at:

RWTH Aachen
Abteilung 8.4
Pontstraße 41
52062 Aachen


Service Hours

You can reach us:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 4pm
  • Friday from 8am to 2pm

Please note that some colleagues work part-time. Therefore, if you would like a personal consultation on site, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance with your case worker by phone or email.

You can put urgent documents in the mailbox at the Red House at Pontstraße 41.