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Quality Assurance in the Appointment Process

The quality of our process is ensured by the following:

Job Posting

The test in the post should address both applicants in Germany and abroad and should appear in both national and international periodicals and electronic media.

Selection of Applicants for Appointment Presentation

When putting together the list, the appointment committee considers its goal of internationalizing the professorate and increasing the number of women.

Selection Criteria

Aside from legal requirements, the following selection criteria are also taken into consideration:

  • scientific, academic, artistic qualification,
  • didactic skills,
  • pedagogical aptitude,
  • ability to accept gender and diversity topics in one's own subject areas,
  • ability to give RWTH Aachen new momentum for research and teaching,
  • particularly involvement in teaching and experience with developing curricula,
  • management skills, particularly human resources management skills,
  • experience acquiring research funds,
  • experiences abroad,
  • preparedness and aptitude for interdisciplinary collaboration and assuming roles within interdisciplinary areas of growth and consortial research processes
  • degree of fulfillment of posting and assignment criteria

Length of Process

The appointment process must be started on time and completed as quickly as possible. A maximum of three months should fall between the application deadline and the introduction of candidates.


The chairs of the committee already look out for possible biased relationships during the selection of members. It is not possible to contribute to filling one's own seat. Biases after viewing applications should be reported to the chair. The committee will then decide how to proceed. The selection of evaluators should be transparant and in writing. Possible biases should also be made known.


The appointment committee does not meet publically. Documents and knowledge about individuals obtained as part of the appointment process must be treated confidentially.

Equal Treatment

At least half of the voting members in the appointment committee must be women. The Equal Opportunities Officer and a Representative from Concerns for Employees with Disabilities Employees participate in meetings as advisors. The committee must undertake and document steps to actively seek out female applicants. The goal is to invite as many female applicants as male applicants to an interview.

Contact with Applicants

The appointment committee are responsible for treating applicants with respect and appreciation. Additionally, they must use the appointment monitor to inform applications about information about the over process status, that their materials have been received, and the individual status of their application.

Work Aids

The Advisory Team for Appointments offers the Dean's Offices and particularly the appointment committee various work aids, which ease committee work and ensure the quality of the process. The appointment regulation and the appointment process handbook are provided in addition to various info sheets, forms, and legal foundations.

Advisory Team for Appointments

The Advisory Team for Appointments offers all individuals involved in the appointment process effecient and effective support for the process and all legal questions. During a personal conversation that takes place as early as possible, chairs receive information about the process and tips for avoiding mistakes. This way, collected experiences are provided early on. Additionally, the Advisory Team is available as a competent contact person and point of intersection to the responsible institutions within and outside of the university.

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