Networking for New Professors

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We put you in touch with your new community - quickly and straightforwardly. In this way, we want to assist you in building your academic network at RWTH Aachen right from the start. Furthermore, we can direct you to contacts and multipliers that are important for your activities at the University, and we provide you with diverse opportunities for dialogue and exchange. 



Nicola Richter

Welcome and Dual Career Service


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The 100-Day Program

In order to bring you up to speed, we closely collaborate with the Dean’s Office of your Faculty, jointly coordinating all necessary arrangements and paperwork. During your first weeks at RWTH Aachen, we provide guidance and offer you to meet all contacts of the most important service units. As part of our staff development activities, we want to give you as a newly appointed professor the opportunity to get in touch and network with your new colleagues.

Welcome Event For New Professors

Once year, RWTH Rector und Chancellor host a welcome event for new professors at RWTH Aachen. At the event you get to know the service units of RWTH Aachen that support you in your activities, and the different department heads will be available for questions and suggestions. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to get to know your new – and also newly appointed – colleagues during breaks and joint workshops and to find out more about their research focuses.

Melaten Talks

RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg und Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven invite all RWTH professors and a special guest to a networking and discussion event, which gives participants the chance to get to know each other and discuss topics in higher education, research, and university politics. The so-called Melaten Talks are to support RWTH professors in their networking activities and provide them with the opportunity to discuss with decision makers from the arenas of science and politics.