Family in an Aachen park Copyright: Thilo Vogel  

Family Leisure Activities

Aachen is a very family-friendly town with many playgrounds and parks within walking distance of the city centre and the residential areas. You also find many stores with special play areas for toddlers and children.

Aachen Children

The Aachener Kinder internet portal gives an overview of leisure activities for families with children in Aachen and the Aachen Region. A short overview in German is provided by the Children in Aachen website.

Family Web Portal of the City of Aachen

The City of Aachen has started several initiatives to maintain and further improve the family-friendliness of the city. The family portal Familie in Aachen has a calendar of events for families with children and an array of activities you may try. The portal also provides a host of valuable general information, e.g. on children's playgroups and childminding services.

Family Card

If you live in Aachen you may apply for the interregional family card, Familienkarte der Städteregion Aachen. The family card scheme aims to provide significantly reduced rates for a range of services to families in the Aachen region, and it several benefits such as discounts on theatre tickets, savings on food and drink at local restaurants and on diverse activities and shops in the city of Aachen and the Aachen region. The benefits attached to the family card will be continually improved.

Family Newspaper

King Kalli is a newspaper which reports on activities and events for families and children in the "Euregio" border region. Families who do not have the opportunity to go on a vacation are provided with information on opportunities to participate in trips and excursions in the Aachen region and across borders in Belgium and the Netherlands. The paper features a daily events calendar and listings of courses and sports classes.

Euregio Zoo - The Aachen Animal Park

The Aachener Tierpark – Euregiozoo is open throughout the year, providing not only the opportunity to meet a large variety of wonderful animals but also a host of educational activities and projects for children, such as a children's farm, apetting zoo and pony rides . There is a wide range of visitor facilities and several playgrounds and lawns in the park where families may have a small picnic.