Culture and Leisure Activities

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Due to its rich cultural program and unique geographic location close to Belgium and Holland, Aachen has lots to offer in the way of outings and excursions.  Additionally, the region has a broad cultural event program.  One example of a program event is the “Across the Borders” cultural festival that took place in 2011 for the fourth time.


Excursions and Outings

Aachen is located in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, which comprises parts of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Many of the region’s cities, such as Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany, Maastricht and Heerlen in the Netherlands and Brussels, Liège and Hasselt in Belgium, are just an hour’s drive from Aachen.

More information on other excursions in the region is available on North Rhine-Westphalia’s bicycle route planner.

Important Events in Aachen

There are some special events that regularly take place in Aachen, e.g. the international equestrian show CHIO, the Charlemagne Award, or Aachener Kultursommer.


Eating and Drinking

Aachen has an extraordinary variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The Pontstraße is particularly favorite location for students and visiting researchers. It is located between Ponttor and the town square and has not only a number of bars and clubs, but also restaurants with culinary specialities from all over the world. The Pontstraße is particularly inviting during summer evenings, where you can sit outside with pizza, beer, or glass of wine.

Eating and Drinking


There are a number of museums in Aachen and its surroundings, including the Ludwig Forum for International Art and the Suermondt Ludwig Museum, which are the biggest and most well known. Exhibits in Aachen museums are often accompanied by a multi-layer/complex program, which could include workshops, seminars, and events for children and youth.

Museums in Aachen


Theaters in Aachen, the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, and many different cultural initiatives have a broad spectrum of events to offer including opera, theater, ballet, concerts, and open air events.

Theaters in Aachen

Thermal Springs and Thermal Baths

Aachen has a long and significant tradition as a spa and bath city – even the Romans recognized the positive and healing effects of Aachen’s spring water. Today, the Carolus Thermen are a particularly popular place among Aachen inhabitants, who seek recovery and relaxation in the thermal bath and sauna rooms. Various water attractions such as geysers, massage jets, fizzy ?, Sprudelbecken, and whirlpools provide a bit of a variety in an architecturally sophisticated thermal bath environment.

Carolus Thermen
Spas and Baths

City Tours, Outings, and Nature

In order to get to know Aachen and the surroundings better, you can participate in a number of tours. The city of Aachen organizes outings to the Aachener Wald, the Eifel, the three country point, and neighboring cities such as Liege and Maastricht. Bicycle tours through the Aachen region are also offered.

Experience and Discover Aachen