Children and Childcare Services

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For children and youths, Aachen has a lot to offer - the city has been awarded with the "family-friendly local authority" certificate. Apart from childcare programs in  daycare centers, playschools and schools, Aachen offers child-friendly residential areas, a large number of playgrounds, football grounds, and sports facilties.


In Germany, the right kind of childcare for your children will depend on their ages, the times they need supervision, the scope of supervision they need, your home address and your budget. In order to support parents at the University, RWTH has established the Family Services Center, whose staff will be happy to organize a consultation session to devise a suitable program for your children and to answer any questions you may have. The Center provides various childcare opportunities for members of the University. The "Time to Play" brochure (in English) offers comprehensive information on the topic of childcare opportunities for RWTH staff. It is available for download on the Childcare web page.

Children under 3 years

In Germany, children under three do not have the legal right to public childcare places, and childcare institutions have difficulties to meet the high demand for care of children of this age. However, there is a wide range of public and private options open to parents with infants and toddlers. The Family Services Center has its own groups in municipal daycare centers - here, qualifed childminders supervise children under three years in small groups.

Children 3 to 6 years

In Germany, children have a legal right to a kindergarten place from the age of three until they start school at the age of six. many kindergartens are suitable for children who need all-day care, but such a all-day place cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, parents are advised to get information on daycare opportunities close to their home. The Family Services Center will be glad to assist you.

Further information by the City of Aachen: Daycare Centers/Kindertagesstätten (de)

Children over 6 years

After they begin attending school at the age of six, children may have the opportunity to take advantage of the afternoon childcare facilities provided by their school and attend a so-called “all-day school”. Advice is provided by the Family Services Center.


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