Gymnasts and acrobats performing Copyright: RWTH Aachen

The RWTH Sports Center offers university employees and students a comprehensive range of more than 90 different sports and over 500 courses, most of which are free of charge.

The Center hosts extensive leisure and sports facilities such as gyms, fitness rooms, weights rooms, a pool, a beach sports area, a football field, a modern running track as well as tennis courts. For sports such as climbing or riding, the Sports Centre cooperates with various sports centres in and around Aachen. Most water sports courses offered by the Sports Centre take place at Wildenhof, a university-owned property the Rursee lake. For more information, please visit University Sports and Recreation.

In addition, RWTH Aachen University has a very active staff sports association, which offers a range of sports and activities, from volleyball, football and table tennis to water sports and even the card game skat. Taking part in sport is a great way of meeting colleagues from different disciplines and departments. Partners of RWTH employees can also participate in the sports on offer.

The city of Aachen has numerous private sports centres and gyms, tennis, squash and badminton courts, an ice rink and a climbing wall. There are also several golf courses within easy reach of the city, five indoor swimming pools and one outdoor pool.

For information on sport clubs, sport facilities, and sport-related activities in Aachen please visit the websites below.