Human Resources Management

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As executive-level staff, our professors are responsible for the education and development of their research faculty, who strongly contribute to the success of RWTH Aachen at the national and international levels. As a university executive responsible for budget and human resources management, you are also confronted with responsibilities beyond academic and scientific concerns.


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Welcome and Dual Career Service


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Staff Recruitment

The hiring and appointment processes at RWTH Aachen are subject to clearly defined rules. We offer to give you a short overview and provide you with support in the hiring process. Also, we provide assistance, in cooperation with our human resources experts, with the recruitment of your future team members.

Human Resources Development

In the arena of staff development, as part of the Program for Professors (ProProfs), RWTH Aachen offers tailored seminars and workshops for newly appointed professorial staff, the so-called Starter Kits.

Of course we also offer a broad range of development opportunities through continuing education offerings, typically in the form of courses and workshops.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive advising and support services. We help you analyze your current situation or that of your team members and present you with the service options that might serve you best.

Employee Interviews

Effective management requires effective communication. For this reason, at RWTH Aachen, it is common practice to conduct yearly one-on-one meetings between employees and their superiors, so-called "Employee Conversations" (in German: Mitarbeitergespräche, MAG). In these personal conversations, managers and staff have a constructive exchange on the work situation as well as on goals and perspectives. Such conversations serve as a vehicle for personalized feedback, mentoring, and career development.

There are general guidelines on how to conduct employee conversations. For further information, please visit the relevant intranet pages of the Human Resources Department (de).

Family-Friendly Leadership Style

An important component of future-oriented promotion of university members is family-friendly human resources management that is based on responsible and sensible behavior of executives with topics such as childcare and care for family members. In this way, family and career can be made more compatible, which is also simultaneously a prerequisite for equal treatment between women and men.

Every year the award FAMOS für FAMILIE recognizes RWTH Aachen executives who have campaigned for better compatibility between family and career through a particularly family-friendly management style.

Given the size of RWTH Aachen, it is a great challenge for a new professor to understand all the internal processes and find the right contacts. The RWTH Welcome Service has helped me with all this, introduced me to the processes and characteristics unique to RWTH, put me through to the right persons, and made it possible for me to start working quickly. Even now I call the number of the Welcome Service staff when I am at a loss!

Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder