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Your initial tasks alongside your research at our university include designing your teaching offers and putting together and getting to know your team. To help you get off to a good start in teaching and leadership, we offer you a wide range of information as part of our special starter kit.


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Welcome and Dual Career Service


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Get Established as a Leader

Growing Your Team – Staff Recruitment

The hiring and appointment processes at RWTH are subject to clearly defined rules. We offer you a short overview and provide you with support in the hiring process. Also, we provide assistance with the recruitment of your future team members, in cooperation with our human resources experts.

Personal Development

In the area of staff development, as part of the Programs for Professors, RWTH offers tailored seminars and workshops for newly appointed professorial staff, a special starter kit.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive advising and support services. If, for example, you are interested in an individual coaching session or help with growing your team, please contact Dagmar Grübler.

Leadership Responsibility

Our professors, as the leadership level of the scientific staff, train top young scientists in their teams, who are the basis of RWTH Aachen University's success, both in Germany and abroad. However, as a leader with budget and personnel responsibility, you are often faced with very individual requirements outside your scholarly duties. As a newly appointed professor, you will take part in our Welcome Workshop and a workshop on conversation skills.

You can arrange an initial consultation with Dagmar Grübler at the Center for Professional Leadership (CPL) to discuss all topics related to leadership and personal development.

Your employees also have access to both the central offerings for further training and individual seminars, courses or workshops, thus offering a wide range of development opportunities.

Designing Teaching and Learning

At the Center for Learning and Teaching Services, or CLS for short, you will complete the Professional Teaching course for newly appointed professors, named ″Prof.essionelle Lehre″, as part of the Starter Kit. This commences with an initial consultation with colleagues from Media for Teaching, Excellent Academic Teaching, or ExAcT, and , or LPM.

Given the size of RWTH, it is a great challenge for a new professor to understand all the internal processes and find the right contacts. The RWTH Welcome Service has helped me with all this, introduced me to the processes and characteristics unique to RWTH, put me through to the right persons, and made it possible for me to start working quickly. Even now I call the number of the Welcome Service staff when I am at a loss!

Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder