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Aachen is Germany’s westernmost major city at whose city boundaries three nations with three languages converge. Its proximity to the Eifel and the Ardennes, to Maastricht and Brussels with their linguistic and cultural distinctiveness, give the city that lies in the shadow of Charlemagne’s palatine chapel a particular charm.


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Welcome and Dual Career Service


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We would like to welcome you as a new member of RWTH Aachen University and are pleased that you are helping to shape the future of our university. Before you start your appointment, you and perhaps your family will have to coordinate a move to the Aachen region. We would like to support you in this process and help you to arrive safely by providing advice and assistance on site. We hope you will feel at home in Aachen and at our university!

Employment and Salaries

During your appointment negotiations, Department 8.5 Appointment Management and Civil Servants supported you in structuring your employment relationship. If you have any questions about your pay in connection with the State Salaries and Pensions Office, LBV for short, or if you need to announce secondary employment, please contact the clerk responsible for you.

Living in Aachen

We have put together some information about living in Aachen and the Aachen region to give you a better understanding of the area. You can also use the pages of the Newcomer Service of the City of Aachen with a wide range of offers, above all Newcomer Fridays, which take place once a month, where you can get to know your new home together with other people who are new to Aachen (please note that currently, the Newcomer Service web page is in German only).

Moving and Living Here

Please contact us if you need any assistance with your move. We will be happy to support you in looking for accommodation with a wide range of information about the city districts and the surrounding area, preferably in a meeting in person.

Are you planning a move to a neighboring country? Please contact us about this as early as possible, as there are a number of requirements you will have to consider, especially regarding civil servant status. The GrenzInfopunkt Aachen Eurode offers you comprehensive information on this subject and will make your decision easier. If you have questions about tax laws, housing, schools, childcare, re-registration, choice of doctor, and much more, please make an appointment for a personal consultation there.

Division 8.3 - Travel Management and Benefits Office is available to answer all your questions regarding travel in connection with your appointment, relocation costs, and possible separation allowances.

International Professors

Please check the German Visa page whether you need a visa to enter Germany due to your employment. Whether you generally require an entry visa or a residence permit depends on your country of origin. Please contact the foreigners' registration office at RWTH before applying for a visa in your home country. They will advise you on the steps you have to take to obtain a long-term or permanent residence permit in Germany as simply and with as little bureaucracy as possible.

If you have any questions about your civil servant status, your benefits, or the special regulations concerning your health insurance and benefits, please contact us. You will find more detailed information on the pages of the Division 8.3 - Travel Management and Benefits Office, where they are also responsible for processing your benefits.

Family Services

The Family Services Center is an information, counseling, and placement office that develops individual and customized care concepts for all university members to improve the compatibility of family and career or studies. On the Family Services Center website, you will find information and advice on topics such as parental leave, child allowances, study abroad with children, and vacation camps for the children of university members, as well as support in finding individual childcare.


Due to the extraordinary situation with corona measures, I joined RWTH Aachen virtually in April 2020, while being physically present only from the middle of July. During this period, the support of Welcome and Dual Career Service for administrative challenges of the relocation of my family was indispensable.

Professor Haris Gačanin