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Welcome to your new workplace! In order to make your start at RWTH easier, we have collected answers to questions you are probably asking yourself.

You can find detailed information in our Handbook for New Employees.

We wish you all the best and much success!


RWTH Aachen

Organizational Structure

RWTH Aachen is headed by the Rectorate. The central institutions of the University include the Board of Governors and Senate, aside from the Rectorate and the rector as its chair. The Strategy Board is also part of the RWTH Aachen's management structure and advises the University on its future plans. more...


With 260 institutes RWTH Aachen is one of the leading European science and research institutions. The University's nine faculties offer almost all the disciplines of a classic university. Over 500 professors and approximately 5,200 academic staff and 2,700 non-academic staff work in research, teaching, and administration at RWTH Aachen. more...

University Charter and Bylaws

The Charter and Bylaws define future-oriented structures and processes that are particularly suitable for fulfilling RWTH's responsibilities and objectives. more...

Work Agreements

Different work agreements regulate not only the rights and obligations of the administration of the workplace and the staff councils and representatives of the employees, but also formulate –  like a law or labor agreement –  the binding standards for everyone. Examples of work agreements are those regarding flextime work hours and the job ticket and parking space management. more...

Official Announcements

RWTH Aachen's official announcements serve as the announcement medium for all regulations and decisions of RWTH Aachen including its faculties and central and other institutions. more...


Personal Matters

University ID Card

RWTH Aachen employees can request a university ID card identifying the holder as an employee of RWTH Aachen. Individuals eligible for a university ID card are those who have full-time employment status at RWTH Aachen. You can find the request form for a university ID card in the Formularcenter.
Guidelines for Issuing University Identification Cards

Job Ticket

As an employee of RWTH Aachen you have the option of using a job ticket for buses and trains in the AVV area and supplemental tickets for neighboring zones. more...

Parking Permit

The core of the University's campus is divided into different parking zones, which are reserved for University employees. Employees can request a permit to park in a certain zone. Different parking lots are reserved for certain user groups. These user groups will receive permission to park in the designated area upon verification of certain requirements. Parking permits for severely disabled employees and students will be issued upon verification of health requirements. more...

Personnel Matters

The Department of Human Resources serves as the contact for employees for all questions related to their employment. It is also the contact for all university institutions to advise them in matters regarding human resource management. You can find contact information and additional details on the Department of Human Resources' intranet pages. Human Resources webpages...

Flexitime Working Hours

The majority of employees in the Central University Administration participate in flexitime working hours, also known as GLAZ. You can download the flexitime handbook in German, Gleitzeithandbuch, from RWTH Aachen's internal portal. The workflow system offers employees the possibility to submit requests in the WebClient application for the approval of absences, corrections, changes to daily authorizations, corrections to remove irregularities, and the approval of working hours.

Vacation Time

You can find information about your vacation rights in the vacation handbook or Urlaubshandbook, which you can download from the intranet. You must request vacation directly with your supervisor. Use your so called Urlaubskarte, and if you use the GLAZ flextime, the WebClient application.


If you are unable to work due to illness, you must call in sick to your institute or department. Please inquire early on how and whom you must inform that you are ill. Your institute or department will forward your notification of sickness to the responsible human resources department.

Identity Management - IdM

You can access different services using Identity Management. There are different accounts, which reflect access to one or more services. To use the Identity Management you need a so called TIM ID and your password. The TIM ID is made up of the your initials followed by six numbers – for example ab123456 – and cannot be changed. You can find further information in the FAQ about Identity Management and at the IT Center.

New to Aachen?

The City of Aachen's Newcomer Service aims to make you more familiar with our city and the Öcher spirit of life as well as make your arrival easier. The service has collected all necessary and useful information for new Aacheners on its webpages and provides all important contact information there as well.


Around the Workplace

Business Trips

You can find the more important information about planning, conducting, and settling business trips in the business trip handbook or Reisekosten-Handbuch on the intranet pages of the Division 8.3 - Travel Management and Benefits Office.
Webpages of Division 8.3 - Travel Management and Benefits Office

Forms and Templates

You can find RWTH Aachen forms and templates in the Formularcenter and the template center or Vorlagencenter for the ZHV and institutes.

University Police

The University Police is the central contact and is located in the RWTH Aachen Main Building. They can be reached 24/7 every day of the year. Inspection rounds are initiated and coordinated here. All emergency measures regarding alarms, fire, and other emergencies are initiated from here. Emergency number: 113, extension: 94250

Wifi - eduroam

Eduroam ensures safe wifi access to the RWTH Aachen network. As an employee you automatically have an account through the Identity Management, idM. Furthermore, the configuration at RWTH Aachen enables access to wifi and internet at other eduroam partner institutions. Information about access from the IT Center

RWTH Print Shop

The University's print shop is located in the Main Building, room 075 on the ground floor. Here you can have copy and print orders filled. The print shop is equipped with three digital production print systems, which produce high-quality prints. Print Shop in RWTH intranet

ZHV Help Desk

The Help Desk in Department 5.0 - Internal Management and IT helps staff in the Central University Administration with IT problems and IT installations, for example in workplace systems, network connections, and moves.

IT users can contact the Help Desk at any time by using the "Online Supportanfrage" or by sending an email. In urgent cases you can call during their service hours, 8am to 4pm.

The Help Desk also supplies the ZHV workstations with current hardware, installs the necessary Office or other applications, and regularly updates software versions.

Phone: +49 241 80 990 20

IT Service Desk

Skilled and specially trained staff and student assistants are available to help all members of RWTH Aachen with questions regarding the IT Center's services.

Phone: +49 241 80 246 80

IT Service Desk...

Internal Phonebook/Organizational Directory

The organizational directory in the CAMPUS information system is organized by organizational structure and contains more than 500 RWTH Aachen institutions with over 7,000 employees. It contains the business address, phone number, and email address, as well as information about an entry's respective web offerings. In order to be entered in the electronic phone directory, please contact the person responsible for CAMPUS entries in your institution. CAMPUS Directory...

Transport Service

The transport service can be reached through Division 10.5 - Infrastructural Facilities Management and offer university vehicles for passenger and material transport. Area 10.52 Protection of Property,Transport Logistics and Centralized Department Services

Central Mail Center

RWTH's Mail Center is located in Süsterfeldstr. 27. If your mail is not delivered by the transport service, you can pick up and drop off your mail and internal mail here and learn more about quick and affordable shipping and mailing options. Central Mail Center in the intranet

Staff Councils

There are representations for the various groups of employees at the University. Depending on whether you are an academic staff member or an employee in technology and administration, either the Staff Council for Academic Staff or simply the Staff Council represents your interests to your employer. Regardless of your type of employment, the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Concerns for Students with Disabilities are resources you are welcome to contact at any time. Staff Councils and Representations

Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office is responsible for the promotion of equal opportunities and the assurance of equal treatment at the University. It also works to improve the compatibility of family, studies, and work. It offers advising and conducts various continuing education and qualification measures for members of the University.

Family Services Center

The Family Services Center of the Equal Opportunities Office is an information, advising, and facilitation office, which develops individual, tailored supervision concepts to improve the compatibility of family and career and studies.

Concerns for Employees with Disabilities

Concerns for Employees with Disabilities promotes the integration of severly disabled individuals, represents their interests, and is available to help and advise them with applications to determine the degree of the disability, requests for equal treatment, designing handicap-accessible workstations, rehabilitation measures, and much more.