Corruption Prevention

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RWTH Aachen fights the abuse of power of officials and corruption in office. It provides its employees with comprehensive information and advice on the topic of corruption prevention.



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Further Information

You can find further information for members of RWTH Aachen as well as documents about corruption prevention in the intranet.


What is Corruption?

Corruption is no trivial offence, but an abuse of official powers for personal advantage or gain. Involvement in corruption is a criminal act which has serious consequences for your job and also beyond the employment relationship.

Regardless of whether an RWTH employee is being offered a gift or any other benefit or whether he or she is invited to lunch in the context of performing his or her official duties or job function, the suspicion of corruption may easily arise.

Where Does Corruption Begin?

Where does a gesture of politeness and nurturing good business relations end, and where does corruption begin? There are various legal and other regulations concerning the behaviour of officials and employees, but these only serve as guides to orientation.

RWTH Aachen advises its employees to familiarise themselves with the University’s regulations and recommendations for action.

If you are not sure about what to do in an individual case, please get in touch with your superiors or contact the Legal Affairs Department.

If you want to register a gift with members of staff of the HR Department, who decide whether acceptance of the gift is in order, please write an informal letter to: Department 9.0 – LegalAffairs.