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Job Offers

Here you can find an overview of the professorships currently available at RWTH Aachen.


Finding the Best, Keeping the Best

RWTH Aachen aims at contributing to the solutions of global future challenges through integrative and interdisciplinary research. This can only happen when we have attained the best minds around the world for our university and ideas. For this reason, great attention has been given to all measures that serve to obtain new professors, from publicizing the job to mentoring newly appointed colleagues.

In August 2013, the fair and transparent appointment procedures of RWTH Aachen have been awarded with a seal of approval from the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV). Three years later, in August 2016, RWTH successfully underwent the re-audit process, extending the recognition for another five years.

The Appointment Officer, the Advisory Team for Appointments as well as the faculties and members of the appointment committees ensure that the process runs fairly and professionally.

The Appointment Officer, Professor Doris Klee, represents the Rectorate and is responsible for quality assurance and equal opportunities throughout the entire appointment process:

I am committed to ensuring the transparency, fairness and competitive character of the entire appointment process. Furthermore, I ensure that the university’s strategic development plans are taken into consideration. The plans are based on a previously agreed upon strategic orientation between the Rectorate and the faculty and the assignment of set criteria for the appointment committee’s decision.

Doris Klee

Appointment Policies at RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen's appointment procedure stands for equal opportunities, fairness, transparency, and appreciation of the applicants. It is set up to internationalize the professorate and to increase the number of female professors. In order to attain this goal, proactive recruiting and directly addressing highly qualified candidates in Germany and abroad is becoming increasingly important.

RWTH's tenure track professorships are an additional career path, offering an attractive and reliable option for promising early-career researchers.


RWTH Aachen offers comprehensive support to all individuals involved in any phase of the appointment process: from publicizing the position to the appointment procedure to welcoming and accompanying newly appointed professors.