Interesting Facts

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Staff Structure

RWTH Aachen staff are divided into two groups: employees in academics and research and technical and administrative Employees. The same regulations apply to all employees. However, each group has its own staff council.

Technical and Administrative Employees

Technical and administrative Employees include employees in the university administration and employees in individual research institutions, who support researchers. This includes administrative assistants, system administrators, technical employees, technicians, foremen, or mechanics.

University apprentices are trained in their vocation in the respective university institutions and are supervised by someone from the Division for Vocational and Further Training. The vocational recruitment tests can also be found there.

The University employs school students at interns, as well as other interns, who must complete an internship within the framework of their education or continuing education.

Trainees acquire knowledge and abilities from science journalism and PR.

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Academic Staff

Civil servants and employees, who perform academic services in research and teaching in academic departments and academic university institutions, are grouped into academic staff. The academic institutions are headed by professors.

Academic staff support the head of the universitiy institutions in fulfilling their responsibilites. Within the framework of their services, they should be given an opportunity to prepare for further academic qualification as long as they are still employed for a limited period of time.

Contracted lecturers cover the remaining need for teaching that cannot be met by professors and instructors. Their employment is independent, and they do not have a contract with the university.

Student and academic assistants in academic departments or institutions are responsible for services in research and teaching and related administrative tasks. They work under a university instructor or another person with independepent teaching responsibilities.