RWTH Faculty Club

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The RWTH Faculty Club provides a hub for exchange and relationship-building – new ideas can be tested, the synapses of our actors can be “networked,” and we can meet to engage in an open conversation among ourselves and with our guests without following an agenda. May the Faculty Club develop into another component of the “Aachen Way,” a location where the future is being thought out – interesting, desirable, and enriching!

Ernst Schmachtenberg, former Rector of RWTH, on the occasion of the first Faculty Club meeting in July 2015



Brigitte Küppers

Coordinator ERS Forum


+49 241 80 96504



Current Events

  • The next Faculty Club will take place on April 21, 2023, at Königshügel Guesthouse (Melatenerstraße 31). Biochemist and Nobel laureate Paul Nurse is looking forward to the discussion with researchers at RWTH Aachen University. Instead of a traditional lecture, the meeting will follow an open format where anything can be asked and discussed. You will receive the official invitation with a registration link and further details shortly.

Video of the last Faculty Club Event

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44th Faculty Club Meeting with Professor Iain Couzin