Certificate of Health for Students



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Please always bring your vaccination records with you!


Hepatitis Status and Hepatitis B Vaccination for Issuance of the "University Medical Certificate for Students in Medicine and Dentistry"

As a student in the courses of study listed here, you can have your hepatitis B and C status checked in the University Medical Center. You can also have your HIV status checked and get vaccinated for hepatitis B.

As a student in medicine or dentistry, please bring your Blue Card. If you are in another course of study, please bring an enrollment certificate.

A blood sample must be taken before the vaccination. You can get this done Monday to Friday between 8am and 12 noon in our center on Roermonder Straße.


Participation in the Hepatitis Status and Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • Human medicine and dentistry at RWTH Aachen
  • Biotechnology at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences
  • Biomedical technology at RWTH Aachen
  • Teaching and Research Logopedics at RWTH Aachen

Vaccination Hour

For a repeat screening you can come to the vaccination hour in the Aachen University Hospital.

The vaccination hour takes place Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 12:30pm and 1-2pm.

You can find us in the University Hospital on Floor 2, Hallway 9, Room 13 in the NOTA (Entrance via elevator B4).

If a hepatitis B vaccination is necessary, you can have this done after receiving your blood test results.