Check-up for Practical Year (PJ)



Please always bring your vaccination records with you!


Content of the PJ Check-up

  • Medical history through a questionnaire and discussion with the doctor
  • Physical
  • Blood and urine sample
  • Tuberculosis skin test, which must be read four to seven days afterwards
  • Review of vaccination records

Students studying human medicine must have the socalled PJ check-up in the University Medical Center no earlier than three months prior and no later than two weeks before the start of the practical year, PJ for short.

This can be done Monday to Friday between 8am and 12 noon without an appointment. The check-up will also be done here even if you are completing your PJ in one of the RWTH Aachen external teaching hospitals.

Please reserve at least an hour for your PJ check-up.

Please understand that we can neither perform additional comprehensive blood tests nor can we provide extensive travel related medical advising for abroad components of the practical year.