Psychosocial Counseling


Center for Mental Health for Students

The Center for Mental Health, ZPG for short, offers advising and support, for example regarding psychological problems, life crises, anxieties, depression, sleep disorders, or addiction.

The ZPG is a collaboration between RWTH Aachen and the FH Aachen. It provides a supplementary service to the preexisting pyschological counseling offices. It advises students and doctoral candidates in any subject area at both institutions in the event of pyschological illness and crises. Counseling is free of charge. The ZPG team is composed of doctors, pyschologists, and social education workers.

Psychosocial Counseling at RWTH Aachen

Students can contact the psychosocial counseling for all questions and problems related to studies or that burden them personally. All counseling is confidential and free of charge.


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