Panel Discussion "Mental Health and Wellbeing for International Students"



Stanislava Petkova

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Please join us on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 5pm at Generali Hall (SuperC Building) to hear the young author and student Luca Bischoni share his experience of being severely depressed in 2021. At the time, Bischoni was enrolled in the industrial engineering program at RWTH, specializing in mechanical engineering. Despite being an excellent student with good grades, he noticeably lost control of his life as the illness increasingly took hold, and he eventually had to seek inpatient mental health care. These days, Bischoni is doing much better; he has learned to deal with the illness and is now studying psychology at RWTH. At this event, he will share his story and offer the audience detailed and personal insight into his experiences.

Experts from various institutions, such as Student Health Management (SGM) and the Psychological Counseling team at RWTH, the Center for Mental Health at Uniklink RWTH Aachen (ZPG), or the representative council for international students at RWTH (AusländerInnenVertretung – AV) will participate in the panel discussion.

The Info Service Center Team of RWTH’s International Office is hosting the event with support from SGM, AStA, and Luca Bischoni. For technical reasons, the event cannot be broadcast live and will only take place in person.

The event language is English.