Election Office

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The Electoral Office, situated in Division of Academic Affairs, organizes the election of senate members and faculty councils at RWTH Aachen.



Larissa Franke

Head of the Electoral Office


+49 241 80 99091



Posting Board

The Official Posting Board is on the ground floor of the Main Building in the west wing by Room 030.


Postponement of This Year's Student Elections and Council Elections in All Groups

The elections for the Senate and Faculty Councils for all groups (academic elections) were scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 3, 2020. At the same time, the student body was set to hold elections to the student organizations, such as the student parliament and various student councils (student elections), as ballot box elections.

The initial plan was to begin with the preparations for the elections after the Easter holidays and to complete them by June 8, 2020. During the preparatory period, extensive tasks would have to be carried out, such as compiling the lists of nominated candidates with the necessary signatures, mailing the postal voting documents for the academic staff and the approx. 9,000 administrative and technical employees, as well as preparing and organizing the ballot box election for students.

As the University is running reduced operations, however, the elections cannot be prepared and conducted as planned. At this stage, we cannot predict whether the University will be able to return to normal operations at some point during the summer semester.

In the current situation, for both capacity and organizational reasons, it is also not possible to establish an online election process instead, although the introduction of online elections for all groups would certainly make sense in the near future.

In light of these exceptional circumstances, in agreement with the Senate chair, the Senate spokespersons of the academic groups, the AStA chairperson, the election committee of the student body, the chair of the student parliament, and the administrative division involved in organizing the election, the Rectorate has taken the decision to postpone the elections to the university bodies by one year. The elections are now scheduled to take place in the 2021 summer semester.

When determining the timing of the election, it is important to us that the conduct of the election be ensured, that it be possible for all those working at the University to participate in the election, and that the election date will not have to be re-scheduled several times.

For the members of the Senate, the Faculty Councils, and of the other University bodies, this means that they can remain in office until next year’s elections. If individual members are no longer able or willing to perform their duties, they may resign, and their respective deputies shall take on their position. If the list of deputies is exhausted, a by-election may be held.


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