Equal Treatment and Nondiscrimination Round Table

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Fair behavior, equal treatment, and the promotion of diversity - these topics are of great importance to RWTH Aachen.  In 2001, our university explained fair behavior in its own handbook, for the common goal of all university members and institutions.



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Promotion of Diversity

The consolidation of course of study material and workload has resulted not only in the constant increase of pressure to perform in studies, research, and career, but the increase in number of conflict cases. Advisors have observed this. For this reason, the Equal Opportunities Office initiated a call to action for RWTH Aachen in September 2010: The Equal Treatment and Antidiscrimination Round Table meets at least once a semester.

Its members campaign for a culture of closely paying attention and promote values such as fairness and equal treatment at the university. The call to action tries to counteract events of unequal treatment, unfair behavior, aggression, discrimination, bullying, and sexual violence. A number of advising offices campaign for these common goals.



  1. Networking of involved institutions
  2. Creating of an advising network
  3. Professionalization of advising and the guarantee of minimum standards, with the goal to empower those involved
  4. Sensitization of the university public and especially managers
  5. Development and stimulus of prevention measures