University Medical Center


The University Medical Center includes the occupational medical facilities for RWTH Aachen, Aachen University Hospital, for FH Aachen/Jülich, and Student Services.

The team of doctors supporting lead doctor Dr. Doris Keller, is mostly responsible for occupational medicine.  We meet the many demands of our work with the help of medical assistants, medical technical assistants, social workers, a medical engineer, and an administrative assistant.

We dedicate our medical knowledge to the correlation between work, career, and health. In addition to the prevention and detection of illnesses that can be caused by work, this includes the prevention of accidents, contribution to reintegration and rehabilitation measures, workplace inspections, cooperation with committees for occupational safety, and the promotion of health.  Employees meet us right when they are hired.  Throughout one's employment, there are medical services available to them, that are either voluntary or obligatory depending on an individual's position. They can also result from requests by employees themselves.  Individual counseling is important to us in addition to physical examinations. RWTH Aachen Social Counseling is available to employees in difficult work and life situations.


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