Division 12.1 - Early-Career Researcher Development and Talent Management

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The Division of Early-Career Researcher Development and Talent Management belongs to the Department of Staff Development and Talent Management in RWTH Aachen Central University Administration. The division supports scientists with their career development.


Our Services – Promotion of Junior Researchers and Career Development

We offer programs and individual advising and coaching services for different target groups. Our goal is to support doctoral candidates, postdocs, junior researchers, and advanced talents in developing their skills and abilities. We are here for you to support your career decision-making and next steps, wherever you are in your journey and regardless of whether you want to pursue an academic or non-academic career. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


Center for Young Academics

The RWTH Center for Young Academics, or CYA for short, is the central point of contact for early career researchers at RWTH. Aside from offering advice and assistance, the CYA provides personal and career development offerings for doctoral students, postdocs, and Advanced Talents.

Furthermore, the CYA seeks to connect all university institutions offering support for graduate and postdocs. The Doctoral Academy and the Postdoc Academy belong to the CYA. The academies offer a wide range of non-technical skills training programs tailored to the needs of the researchers’ respective career phase.

Doctoral Academy

The RWTH Doctoral Academy – formerly known as the Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS – offers doctoral students a wide range of transversal skills development courses as well as coaching and advising for systematic career planning. In addition to equipping you with professional competencies, we support you in developing your career – specifically tailored to your talents and your life situation.

Postdoc Academy

The Postdoc Academy offers workshops, consulting, coaching, and networking opportunities for postdocs and Advanced Talents to assist them in developing their careers and interdisciplinary skills. Our offerings include workshops for postdocs and scientific managers, various coaching opportunities, and individual mentoring and coaching for Advanced Talents. The latter offering is open to junior professors as well as for junior research group leaders and postdocs with awards and fellowships.

Career Advising for Researchers

The development of your own career is extremely important no matter what phase of your academic career you are in. Aside from targeted career advising and mentoring from superiors the RWTH Aachen Division of Career Development offers its researchers an individual conversation to orient themselves in their personal career development.

Recruitiment and Talent Development

As part of our holistic Talent Acquisition Strategy we contribute to ensuring an equal opportunities recruitment process and the high quality of the University’s appointment procedures. Based on online research and social media monitoring we identify talents for an academic career at RWTH.

We develop tools and measures and engage in employer branding activities to attract talents to the University. This includes creating internationally oriented recruitment campaigns and recruitment offering application management services.

At RWTH, retention management places particular emphasis on successful onboarding and includes activities such as identification of high-potential candidates, strategic support of our academic staff, and the provision of development opportunities.


Support for Research Networks

Research Networks such as Collaborative Research Centers (SFB) and Graduate Research Training Groups (GRK) play a key role in the collaboration within scientific institutions. The Division of Career Development offers the following support programs for SFB and GRK:

Qualification in Research Networks is a joint program between the Exploratory Research Space (ERS) and the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS). The objective is to support and develop interdisciplinary research within and between SFBs by offering exclusive qualification programs for doctoral candidates and postdocs.

In close collaboration with the Rector's Office Staff Unit Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD for short  – we support research networks in promoting equality between men and women in the scientific and academic communities. Gender Consulting – or more specifically the advising offers regarding strategies and implementation of equal opportunity measures – is the responsibility of IGaD; while Division 12.1 – Career Development is responsible for putting the above measures in place as well as for accomplishing the finance controlling that is associated with it.


Further Education for Personnel

You are also in the right spot for matters concerning  further education for personnel. We offer courses and seminars on a variety of topics in a continuously updated further education program online. This service also exists for individual needs outside of our set program.



Name Contact
Abteilung 12.1 - Karriereentwicklung wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs und Talentmanagement
Abteilungsleitung 12.1
Barbara GöbbelsPhone: +49 241 80-99525

Sachgebiet: Center for Young Academics
Sachgebietsleitung Center for Young Academics
Thomas CzirnichPhone: +49 241 80-99527

Doctoral Academy (ehemals Center for Doctoral Studies)
Ralitza BliznakovPhone: +49 241 80-99118

Postdoc Academy
Andrea Letzner B.Sc.Phone: +49 241 80-99108

Ruth WirzPhone: +49 241 80-99163

Anja MitchellPhone: +49 241 80-99738

Nachwuchsförderung in Forschungsverbünden
Jennifer RoseboomPhone: +49 241 80-99741

Advanced Talents Hub
Dr. rer. pol. Maike RubinPhone: +49 241 80-96484

Recruiting und Talententwicklung
Strategische Rekrutierung Berufungsverfahren
Susanne JahnelPhone: +49 241 80-90459

Personalmarketing & Recruiting
Julia HermannsPhone: +49 241 80-99590

Elena FlorianPhone: +49 241 80-99739


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