Scheduled Advising



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Do you want to schedule an advising appointment with us? No problem! With an appointment you can be certain that we have enough time for your questions.

The easiest way is to arrange an appointment directly in person in our Info Center. Alternatively, it is possible to schedule an advising session via phone or Skype. We offer this if you do not have the chance to see us in person or coming to Aachen would be too effortful for you.

Simply fill out the respective appointment form below as much as possible and you will get an appointment as soon as possible.

Advising via Skype

Please note that communication and data transmission via the Internet, for example using Skype, may be vulnerable to security breaches. Full protection against unauthorized access to transmitted data by third parties is not possible. Against this backdrop, it is possible to talk to our advisors via phone. Please contact us to arrange an advisory session by phone.

Microsoft’s privacy statement, including information on the use of Skype, is available online.

Advising via Skype is targeted at those who do not live in the Aachen region or who do not have the opportunity to visit us during open office hours.