Division 1.2 - Registrar's Office

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Division 1.2 - Registar's Office belongs to the Department of Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office within RWTH Aachen's Central University Administration.



Dear Students,

Due to the current situation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, there is consensus within the university to implement far-reaching measures as quickly as possible to protect students and employees. Therefore, we will not be offering personal consultation hours from March 16 up to and including April 10, 2020.

All applicants and students are asked to manage their concerns by mail, telephone or e-mail.

You can still reach us daily from 8am to 4pm by phone, email or fax.

Should an urgent matter arise that cannot be clarified either by telephone or email and cannot be delayed, please get in touch with your responsible contact person. In these cases we will arrange a date and time to meet with you in person if necessary.

These measures are based on the recommendations of the German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute as well as the regulations of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Crisis Management Team of the Städteregion Aachen.

The Rectorate is aware that these measures will lead to restrictions in university life. However, it considers these steps to be necessary and asks for your understanding and support.


Our Responsibilities

The Registar's Office is responsible for all RWTH students' re-enrollment, leaves of absence, and termination of enrollment.

Furthermore, the division is responsible for the admission and enrollment of German students and international students with a German secondary education certificate. The Registrar's Office is also responsible for the admission and enrollment of applicants from other European Union member states or members of European Economic Area, EEA, in restricted admission courses of study.

Other responsibilities of the division include the administrative development of the student body and social contribution fees and the organization of Studies for Senior Citizens. Additionally, funding matters including graduate funding, graduate schools, and doctoral scholarships are taken care of.


Our Hours of Service

By phone

You can reach us via telephone within our flexible work hours Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

In person

You can visit us in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am to 12:30pm and Wednesday from 1 to 4pm.

In particular cases,a telephone appointment outside of our regular office hours is also possible.

Waiting Times

Please note: Waiting times are generally longer at the beginning and end of our office hours and on Wednesday afternoons. We ask for your understanding.

Reaching Us via Phone

During our office hours it is difficult to reach our employees via phone, since we are assisting students in person. We recommend calling us outside of our office hours.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Division

When is online enrollment activated?

For the exact dates of the online enrollment period, please refer to the letter of admission in RWTHonline.


When can I apply for an NC subject?

For information on the application period, please refer to

How does re-enrollment work?

Re-enrollment takes place through payment of the study body and social contribution fees within the re-enrollment deadline.

The total amount to be paid for the upcoming semester as well as the payment reference for the bank transfer are published in RWTHonline in the "Tuition Fee" application. Please make sure to correctly use the payment reference as this allows your payment to be automatically linked to your student ID number.

The Tuition Fee application also shows your current re-enrollment status and provides you with details on the composition of the semester fee.



Name Contact
Dipl.-Verw. Wirt Torsten Dickmeis
Phone: +49 241 80 94106

u.a. Beglaubigungen, Bescheinigungen für die gesetzliche Rentenversicherung ((außer Halbwaisenrente, bitte wenden Sie sich diesbezüglich an die Sachbearbeiterinnen und Sachbearbeiter in Sachgebiet II)
Eva KasparPhone: +49 241 80 94214

Verbuchung der Studierendenschafts- und Sozialbeiträge
Heike JussenPhone: +49 241 80 94022

Leitung Sachgebiete I und II, Studierendenstatistik
stellv. Abteilungsleiterin
Britta Jansen
Phone: +49 241 80 94213

Sachgebiet I - Zulassungsangelegenheiten
Orts-NC für erste und höhere Fachsemester, Zweithörer, Studienplatztausch; Masterbewerbungen
Jürgen StrangPhone: +49 241 80 94515

Dipl.-Finanzw. Silke RöderPhone: +49 241 80 94020

Kim PetersPhone: +49 241 80 94105

Ramona LivoraPhone: +49 241 80 92289

Masterbewerbungen Fakultäten 2 und 5:
Marion SchumacherPhone: +49 241 80 94107

Sachgebiet II - Einschreibungsangelegenheiten
Einschreibung, Rückmeldung, Studiengangwechsel, Beurlaubung, Exmatrikulation etc.:
Buchstabe A - E
Brunhilde Herzog
Phone: +49 241 80 94021

Buchstabe F - Ks
Monika Paquet
Phone: +49 241 80 94008

Buchstabe Kt - R
Marcel Dahmen
Phone: +49 241 80 94009

Buchstaben S-Z
Saskia Spenrath
Phone: +49 241 80 94516

Sachgebiet III - Förderungsangelegenheiten
Graduiertenförderung, Graduiertenkollegs, Promotionsstipendien nach der Rahmenordnung, sonstige Förderung;
Jessica HannemannPhone: +49 241 80 94108

Sachgebiet IV - Seniorenstudium, Gasthörer
Elena Jil NeffPhone: +49 241 80 94029