International Meeting Point: Humboldt Haus

  Humboldt Haus gate Copyright: © Nadine Hermanns

What exactly is the Humboldt Haus?

The Humboldt Haus is the international community center of RWTH Aachen - a meeting place for international and local members of the University and a site for intercultural events. The University's interculturalism and internationality is promoted through the Humboldt Haus, contributing to the University's welcoming culture. Numerous events, seminars, trainings, and courses for all students and other members of RWTH Aachen are held here. The Humboldt Haus is managed by an employee of RWTH Aachen's International Office. Aside from the International Office, the AStA Representative for Internationals or AV and INCAS Student Association have their offices at the Humboldt Haus. They regularly offer advising. Please visit their respective website for more detailed information.



Tamara Weber

Humboldt Haus Coordinator


+49 241 80 99151




Pontstraße 41, 52062 Aachen


Office Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm


Open Office Hours

Wednesday, 2–5pm

Thursday, 9am–12 noon


House Usage Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 11pm

On weekends as necessary and upon arrangement with Ms. Weber


You want to meet new people

As a meeting place and event location for international/intercultural events, the Humboldt Haus offers a large and diverse program for RWTH Aachen students. The events are offered by international student organizations, the RWTH Aachen International Office, and other RWTH institutions. Here you can find the International Office's events. Events organized by the student association can be found on their respective websites and Facebook pages.

You want to get involved

The international student organizations offers diverse opportunities to get involved. International student organizations are currently registered through the RWTH Aachen International Office and supervised by the Humboldt Haus coordinator. You can download the list of organizations as a pdf. Students who would like to get involved with an organization can directly contact the organizations.

International student associations can apply to be accredited as a self-directed student initiatives at RWTH Aachen University. For detailed information on the application process, please refer to the accreditation instructions (de).

You want to book a room in the Humboldt Haus

The Humboldt Haus has two seminar rooms that can reserved by international student organizations and for internal RWTH Aachen events with an intercultural/international focus. To book a room, contact the Humboldt Haus coordinator. If you would like to book a room, please carefully read the Room Reservation Conditions and submit a completed request to the Humboldt Haus coordinator. Please contact the coordinator to find out whether a room is available before submitting a request . Make sure that if you use the rooms and kitchen, you go through the checklist after your event and leave the building in proper condition.

You are interested in funding

The International Office awards scholarships to RWTH Aachen international students through the DAAD programs STIBET I and STIBET III. The scholarship programs are organized by the Humboldt Haus coordinator. You can currently apply for the following scholarships as long as you fulfill the requirements: