Staff Unit: Marketing


The Staff Unit: Marketing is a structural part of the RWTH Aachen Central University Administration.



+49 241 80 90825




Calendar distribution on October 5 and 6, 2021 from 10am to 4pm in the Super C.


Our Responsibilities

The Staff Unit: Marketing supervises the University's marketing activities and is responsible for branding and promoting the corporate identity.

Corporate Identity

With the introduction and implementation of the Corporate Design the staff unit accompanies the University on the way to a sustainable corporate identity. The goal is to combine the strengths of the institutes and institutions with those of the University. Whether it be an institute's logo, letterhead, info flyer, or building signage – our staff are the contact for all questions about RWTH's image and will transfer all University institution logos into the CD.

Strategic Communication

The staff unit also supports targeted and unified University communication with the implementation of the RWTH communication strategy and the strategic development for addressing other target groups. Instititutions in the University administration have the possibility to receive support with creating communication materials such as brochures or texts. The staff unit offers its support in the form of textual preliminary work, strategic advising, and comprehensive campaign development. The staff unit is also happy to provide institutes and institutions with advice on strategic communications questions.

Merchandise and RWTH Shop

Students, employees, and visitors can find a broad selection of merchandise in the RWTH Shop – directly in the foyer of the Main Building. The staff unit is responsible for the entire process behind RWTH merchandise: from idea generation and product research to purchasing and design development to storage, presentation, and sales. Our staff are also on site at University events such as the Graduation Celebration. Alumni and interested individuals, who do not live in Aachen, can also find our products in the RWTH online shop.



Name Contact
Leitung Stabsstelle
Linda Diepenbruck M. A.
Phone: +49 241 80 94344

Geschäftszimmer & Buchhaltung
Anja Schimanowski
Phone: +49 241 80 90825

Stellvertretende Leitung & Strategisches Marketing
Sara Krings-Soltenborn B. A.
Phone: +49 241 80 90072

Merchandising & Strategisches Marketing
Ricarda Mahlberg M. A.
Phone: +49 241 80 90128

Grafikerin, Corporate Design & Projektlogos
Tabea Falter-Esch
Phone: +49 241 80 93689

Grafikerin, Design zu Veranstaltungen
Bettina Parey
Phone: +49 241 80 90826

Stella Schröder
Phone: +49 241 80 93684

Verkauf RWTH Shop
Claudia Kreutzer
Phone: +49 241 80 94075

RWTH Shop Phone: +49 241 80 94075

Textillager, Marketing Phone: +49 241 80 90518
Studentische Hilfskraft
Helen Becker
Phone: +49 241 80 94075

Sudentische Hilfskraft
Helen Grobe
Phone: +49 241 80 93688

Studentische Hilfskraft
Laura Maria Lück
Phone: +49 241 80 93688

Studentische Hilfskraft
Vera Rudolphi
Phone: +49 241 80 93688