University Administration

  Organizational Chart Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

The Central University Administration, led by Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, consists of eleven departments, 34 divisions, and several staff units.



Our organizational chart provides an overview of the departments, divisions, and staff units of the Central University Administration.


Responsibilities and Goals

Corresponding the the University bylaws, the Central University Administration, ZHV for short, sees that all of the University's responsibilities in planning, administration, and legal matters are fulfilled. It ensures that university funds and capacities are used sensibly and practically. The ZHV also supervises all administrative matters of the committees and boards, such as the rector, University Rectorate, or University Senate. Central University Administration particularly supports the members of the Rector's Office and the deans with their responsibilities.

The ZHV views itself as a service provider for students, departments, university institutions, and externally for the ecomony, industry, municipalities, associations, and school students. Likewise, it provides diverse services.