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Why Is Science Communication Important?

RWTH Knowledge Hub Digital Kick-Off Event.


RWTH Knowledge Hub: Online Kick-Off Event “Why Is Science Communication Important?”


In an increasingly complex world with countless information channels and multimedia omnipresence, it is important to find reliable information. Universities such as RWTH have a special responsibility in this regard: RWTH wants to enable the transfer of its knowledge to society by making the work of researchers transparent and comprehensible. To this end, the University is setting up a Knowledge Hub as part of its Institutional Strategy in the third funding line of the Excellence Strategy.

The digital kick-off event for the Knowledge Hub focused on the question "Why is science communication important?" using the example of structural change in the Rhenish mining district. This very clearly demonstrates the challenge that science faces. It can have a significant impact on the future of the people in the region, but to do so it must also create trust through targeted communication. How must science communicate in order to generate more trust in its findings? What is going well? What is not?

Guests, including Anja Karliczek (Federal Minister of Education and Research) and Professor Ulrich Rüdiger (RWTH Rector), Leonie Bremer (Fridays For Future), and experts from the region will discuss these questions from different perspectives.


A Slice of the Future.

Research for the Rhenish mining district


A Slice of the Future. Research for the Rhenish mining district.


The Rhenish mining district. With the phase-out of coal-fired power generation, the region is facing a huge upheaval. A rocky road lies ahead. But structural change is also an opportunity and RWTH wants to make its contribution. How? Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers took a look around the University. In a new series, A Slice of the Future, they discover how research can shape our lives in the region and what potential it holds. They experience novel hardware, autonomous mobility, designed molecules, and much more. The challenge here in the region is to show people comprehensible future prospects that also provide some social security. This is also a topic they talk about.


7-teilige Filmreihe zum Strukturwandel

Part 1: Energy


Die RWTH und das Rheinische Revier, Folge 1: Energie


Die RWTH und das Rheinische Revier, Folge 2: Produktive Landschaft