Mechatronics Engineer


Brief Info

  1. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate: Fachhochschulreife or gute Fachoberschulreife
  2. Selection Process: Application and interview
  3. Persönliche Voraussetzung: Enthusiasm for handicraft working; interest in electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, computer science, and data processing; interest in mechanical-technical or electronic processes; ability to problem solve
  4. Aptitude Test: Yes. You must pass the test to continue on to the selection process.
  5. Length of Training: three and a half years
  6. Professional Association: Industrie- und Handelskammer Aachen
  7. Exam: extended final exam (Part 1 during training, Part 2 at the end of training)
  8. Continued Training: Meisterin or Meister, Technikerin or Techniker

Vocation Description

Mechatronics engineers build mechanical, electrical, and electronic components, mount them into complex systems, install control software, and maintain systems. They must feel comfortable in the fields of machine and facility construction and automatization technology.

Parts must be tailor-made both manually and by machine in metalworking processes to meet the industry's demands. Information about electrical components, building circuits, and diagnosing errors are taught both through theory and practice. During the entire apprencticeship, apprentices are given a glance at internal operational processes. They learn the fundamentals of operational and technical communication and the application of this communication to solve problems and conflicts.

The focus of this apprenticeship is on work at testing benches for the examination of powertrains. Previously acquired skills are applied in the fields of assembly, installation, and programming. This includes the construction of measurement units and the design and construction of special devices necessary for the construction. Maintenance work on the test bench is also indepdently completed.


Practical Training

Practical training takes place at institutes and chairs of RWTH Aachen University.

Academic Training

Vocational training courses usually take place as block instruction at the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Schule, Berufskolleg für Technik der Stadt Aachen, Neuköllnerstraße 17, 52068 Aachen.


Salary, Job Ticket, and Vacation during Training

Training Salary:

1st Training Year: 1,086.82 euros

2nd Training Year: 1,140.96 euros

3rd Training Year: 1,190.61 euros

4th Training Year: 1,259.51 euros

Contributions to capital formation: 13.29 euros

Job Ticket: starting July 1, 2023, 24 euros a month

Christmas Bonus: 95 percent of November salary

Vacation Days: 30 days a year




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