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Largest Educational Institution in the Region

What do you think of when someone mentions “RWTH Aachen University”? First and foremost, you probably think of teaching and learning, science and research. What many people do not know is that RWTH is by far the largest employer and educational institution in the region. We also have a long tradition of vocational training here at RWTH - the University has over 700 apprenticeship positions. More than 300 instructors are active in the higher education institutions that provide vocational training in industrial-technical, scientific, non-medical healthcare, as well as in business professions.


Always Up To Date

The close proximity to research is also advantageous for you as an apprentice. This means always being up-to-date – for example by working with the newest technology. Vocational training at RWTH Aachen is both close to research and application oriented, and it pays off - numerous apprentices complete their final example with above average success, and thus are better prepared for a successful career.


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Vocational Training at RWTH Aachen

Find out about some of the vocations at RWTH Aachen in our new film about vocational training.

You can find all professions and dual courses of study in our overview Vocations & Dual Courses of Study.

Find out about the application for a vocational training spot. The next training year starts August 19, 2024.


Vocational Training FAQs

In what fields does RWTH provide vocational training?

There are apprenticeship positions in industrial-technical, science, business, and non-medical healthcare professions.

How many apprenticeship positions are there at RWTH Aachen?

There are currently more than 700 apprenticeship positions at the University and about an additional 400 apprentices in vocational training programs at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.

Where does training take place?

Depending on your vocation, either the shop, lab, drawing office, or the office of the respective university institution will serve as the location of your training.  This could be at an institute or chair, or in the university administration.

Will I have additional theory lessons?

Yes, you are required to attend vocational school (Berufskolleg).  Vocational training for mathematic technical software developers (MATSE) and those vocations that take place at the University Hospital are excluded from this requirement.  In many vocations, you will receive additional practice-oriented lessons from specialists.

I would like to apply. What steps do I need to take?

All important information about the application process is listed in detail on the page Applying for a Vocational Training Spot.  Take some time and take a look at the page.  We will gladly answer any questions you have.

Can I prepare for the aptitude test?

Yes, we will even advise you on how to prepare for the possible test!  On the pages Texts During the Application Period  and Aptitude Test FAQs you can find more information about each test as well as about the Sample Tests. If a test is required during the application period, you can find either a link to a sample test or practice questions to download on the page of the vocation you are interested in.

What is a vocational training center or Berufsausbildungszentrum (BAZ)?

There are vocational training centers at RWTH Aachen, the BAZ, for the fields of chemistry, electrical engineering and computer science, management assistants for office communication, and mechanics.  The vocational training centers systematize and unify vocational training in the various university institutions and organize the vocational training for all apprentices in this field.  Detailed information is available under Vocational Training Centers

I am a teacher and would like to help my class decide what profession to pursue. Can you help me?

Take a look at the Individual Advising Services.  We will gladly gather together the information materials you need and set up appointments that particularly address the needs of your class.


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