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RWTH encourages and supports sustainable development within the University and beyond campus borders. Close partnerships, both regional and international, help us in this endeavor and are an important part of the University's identity, as stated in our Sustainability Mission Statement.

Internal Sustainability Network

With our internal sustainability network, we have established clear communication channels and show who is responsible for sustainability topics in the different areas of RWTH. Sustainability officers have been appointed for each of the faculties, central institutions, and administrative departments. For the students, the AStA Department for Sustainability and Student Engagement is involved, and, in some cases, the student councils have appointed sustainability officers. In addition to internal networking and information sharing, there are also tools to make work easier. An overview of the sustainability officers at RWTH can be found here: Sustainablitiy Network.

Networks and Partnerships with External Institutions

Sustainability is also a central guiding theme in the collaborations with various partners from a regional to an international level. A selection of these collaborations with a sustainability focus can be found below.